When it comes to addiction, the whole country is under the grip of an opioid crisis. Other substances commonly abused include alcohol, marijuana, and heroin. Combined, these substances have resulted in hundreds of deaths as well as the disruption of thousands of lives in the country.

Addiction often starts out innocently enough. No one ever sets out taking alcohol or experimenting with drugs with the intention of getting addicted. However, it sneaks up on you and before you know it, you can’t go a day without getting a hit or taking a drink. Eventually, you’re unable to function without your drink or drug of choice.

Most people fail to realize that addiction is a disease like any other and that beating it requires a change of lifestyle and mindset. You may think that you can beat addiction on your own by quitting cold turkey but that rarely ever works. This is because it’s a disease that takes hold of an individual not only physically, but mentally and psychologically as well.

Benefits of Going to Rehab

Overcoming addiction is possible but you’ll require addiction treatment services from a reputable drug rehab and treatment center.

Going to rehab may seem like a drastic step, but it’s something that needs to be done if you’re battling substance abuse or addiction. Some of the benefits of attending rehab include:

Focusing on your health.

One of the advantages of going to rehab is that you’ll focus on your health and recovery with minimal distractions. The different treatment programs and therapies are all geared towards helping you beat addiction. This includes healthy meal preparation and exercise to help both your body and mind recover and remain healthy.

Receiving 24/7 medical support.

Trying to beat addiction on your own can get tricky when it comes to managing withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, depending on the substance you have been taking. If admitted to an inpatient addiction treatment program you’ll have the benefit of round-the-clock medical assistance. This gives you peace of mind that your withdrawal symptoms will be attended to by trained medical professionals, lessening their severity.

Exposure to different addiction treatments and therapies.

Additionally, going to rehab means that you’ll benefit from different therapies and treatments. Addiction affects each person differently so it’s important to go to a treatment center such as Evolve Indy in Indiana where personalized addiction treatment is prioritized. Here we take time to conduct an assessment of each client to ensure that we give them individualized treatment plans whether they are in our Partial Hospitalization Program or the Outpatient Program.

Staying in a safe and supportive environment.

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction calls for a complete mindset and lifestyle change. For this to happen, you need to be in an environment that is conducive to your recovery. At a treatment center, you’ll get to interact with others who understand what you’ve been through because they’ve experienced it themselves. You’ll have the opportunity to socialize in a safe environment free from alcohol or drugs and you’ll get to build a support network to help you overcome the struggles you encounter along the way.

Getting structure back in your life.

When addiction takes over your life, you often find yourself engaging in self-destructive behavior. To break this pattern, you need to replace such behaviors with more positive ones. This is why structure is so important during recovery. At rehab, your day will be structured and filled with productive activities including counseling and treatment programs. These help you get discipline and structure back in your life so you can focus on your treatment and recovery without distractions.

Addiction Services Available to Evansville Residents

As the leading addiction treatment services provider in Indiana, we at Evolve Indy offer different services to our clients. These include:

Residential treatment.

In residential treatment, you get to spend the night at our treatment facility. This is ideal for those who have a serious addiction and for those who need more intensive care to recover from trauma. The accommodation facilities are cozy and conducive to recovery, without being too clinical. This allows our clients to acclimatize and recalibrate gradually to living sober lives free from the influence of alcohol or drugs. Part of the residential treatment includes receiving individual and group counseling.

Outpatient services.

We also offer outpatient rehab services including our Intensive Outpatient Program. Here clients don’t reside at the facility but instead go home after their treatment sessions. Treatment is offered on a part-time basis and you get to visit the facility several days a week for a few hours. This ensures that treatment doesn’t interfere with your daily life. Our outpatient programs are often a step down from residential treatment, allowing clients to gradually ease themselves back to their daily routines while still receiving addiction treatment.

Psychiatric services.

Those struggling with addictions often have co-occurring mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. For treatment to be effective, we need to treat these conditions alongside the addiction. That is why we at Evolve Indy provide our clients with psychiatric services to help them heal mentally. These sessions with the psychiatrist are worked into an individual’s treatment plan along with their regular therapy or counseling sessions.

Aftercare services.

At Evolve Indy, we believe that treatment doesn’t stop once you leave the rehab facility. We continue providing aftercare services to ensure that our clients continue receiving the care they need to continue recovery. We also refer clients to local counselors and support groups to ensure they are not left on their own once they complete treatment at the facility. This way, they can continue achieving their recovery goals as they take up the responsibilities that come with daily living.

If you are in Evansville Indiana and are looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment services, don’t hesitate to contact Evolve Indy. We have a team of experts on hand to help guide you through your recovery journey.

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