As one of the top rehabilitation treatment centers in Indiana, we at Evolve Indy are often asked if we offer detox services, especially for those struggling to beat alcoholism. While we don’t offer this service, we can recommend reputable detox facilities that do. We also require those who are to be admitted to some of our treatment programs e.g. our partial hospitalization program, to have undergone detox first.

What Is Detox And Who Needs It?

By the time individuals arrive at our addiction treatment center in Indianapolis, most have tried to quit drinking on their own but have been unable to. Either the cravings proved too strong or they had severe withdrawal symptoms that discouraged them. That’s why we recommend professionally supervised detox.

Detoxification is the process of ridding the body of alcohol and toxins from long-term excessive energy consumption. This is the first step in healing from alcoholism. Clearing the body and mind from alcohol is a necessary step before the patient can concentrate on other alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Detox can be safely done at both inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities but 24-hour monitoring is recommended for heavy drinkers. The longer an individual has been drinking the more dependent they are on alcohol therefore the more severe the withdrawal effects will be.

The detox process is usually accompanied by medication, medical observation, and counseling. There are 3 stages of detox:

  1. Intake – during this stage, an individual first enters a detox program. The treatment team then conducts a comprehensive drug, medical, and psychiatric history to fully understand their situation.
  2. Medication – Once detox starts, the patient is monitored for withdrawal symptoms. Medication that mimics alcohol is administered to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and make the patient more comfortable.
  3. Stabilization once the worst of the withdrawal symptoms have passed, the patient may undergo medical and psychological therapies to further clear their mind and body and to get ready for the next step in the rehabilitation process.

Detox at an Outpatient Rehab Facility

Detox at an outpatient facility might not be suitable for everyone. This is because the patient still gets to go home and continue with their life. It is suitable for those with mild to moderate addiction, those who can successfully resist alcohol triggers, and those who have a strong support network of family and friends to rely on.

Even though an individual might have mild or moderate alcoholism they can still experience withdrawal symptoms including nausea, headache, anxiety, sweating, and insomnia. More severe symptoms include hallucinations, seizures, tremors, and disorientation and this is why detox should be carried out under medical supervision since some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

Life After Alcohol Detox

Detox is only the first step in alcohol addiction treatment and completing it doesn’t mean that you’re cured of alcoholism. You still have to undergo rehab as well as an intensive outpatient program to help you re-enter society.

While we at Evolve Indy don’t offer detox services, we can point you in the right direction and still provide you with alcohol addiction treatment. For more information, get in touch with us.

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