Everyone’s heard of AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, but the question remains on whether it actually works. The AA program has its twelve steps towards recovery in which attendees undergo a mindful program in order to overcome their addiction. 

Through this, it can be much easier for individuals with an addiction to come to terms with their position and work through it at the pace that’s easier for them.

The AA program isn’t the only answer when it comes to alcohol addiction treatment, as there are other solutions like rehab or intensive outpatient programs. Overall, the treatment necessary for the individual is going to depend on the severity of the addiction, and the individual themselves.

The main question is, of all of the different alcohol treatments available, is Alcoholics Anonymous something you should consider? The short, long, and short answers are both yes. Alcoholics Anonymous has proven to be more effective than other forms of treatment, and it could be tied to the spiritual and mindful journey that attendees have to go through. 

Why it works so well

A lot of the time, patients struggling with an alcohol addiction may find it difficult to get the help they need due to financial concerns. There are many treatments that could cost a lot if you’re aiming to see them until the end – but Alcoholics Anonymous works differently. 

If you’re looking for help with your substance abuse issue, you can attend AA meetings without charge – so long as you’re actually looking for help. The closed sessions aren’t open to just anyone, and they remain private to those who are looking to share their experiences with alcohol abuse.

The problem

Unlike other programs, like alcohol rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t prevent you from returning to your addiction whenever you like. If you’re hesitant about kicking your addiction, or your heart isn’t in it, then you’re going to find it difficult to remain abstinent once the program is over. It’s not for everyone, and it might be better to attend AA meetings alongside other alcohol abuse-related programs for a better chance of success. 

Then, of course, there are people who don’t want to embrace the idea of spirituality and may find that the twelve steps just aren’t for them. We all have our beliefs, and if the twelve-step program isn’t something you can get behind, then you might find it’s just not effective for you when battling your addiction. 

Should you try it?

Overall, if you or someone you know is looking for a means of addiction treatment, you can’t go wrong with Alcoholics Anonymous. Even if your beliefs don’t line up with the twelve steps, it’s a free program and worth a try if you’re serious about quitting. AA is there to help anyone who needs it, and it won’t cost you anything – so if you decide to stop attending, you’re not losing anything. Consider attending a few meetings before you give up on the idea.


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