Recovery is a process that takes time. Addiction is not just a habit. It is a chronic disease that changes how your brain responds and sends messages when it comes to the chemicals it receives. Addiction also changes your physical body that may take time to heal or recover from those changes. The time it takes is not an overnight thing. This is why long-term treatment for addiction is a better bet for sustained recovery.

21 Days Just Doesn’t Cut It For Victims Of Substance Abuse

Many people believe that 21 days is enough to beat their addiction but they are sorely mistaken. Maybe the issue is financing as their health insurance may only cover the first 21 days while they may have to come out of their own pocket for any time longer. Maybe they only want to get in and out of treatment so they can hurry up and resume their lives. All of these situations are valid, but you decrease your chances of reaching true sobriety if you do not stay long-term. Though those three weeks are under the supervision of the facility staff and you are going through detox, it only affects the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your addiction and why you use it in the first place.

Work With A foundation Of Support

A strong foundation is needed in order to leave a treatment facility equipped with the tools to continuously beat addiction in your everyday life. Though you may have family and friends who are your support system and they will encourage you in the right direction, it is ultimately up to you. It is ultimately your decision to beat your addiction. The temptation is real. The feeling of isolation is real. Negative influences are real. All of these factors can pull you back into being victimized by substance abuse the cycle continues. Staying in a long-term treatment facility will help you build those mental muscles against those feelings so you do not fall back into your old way of doing things.

Long-Term Treatment Gives Your Body And Mind Recovery Time

The recommended amount of time spent in a recovery program is 90 days though long-term treatment can last longer than that. The more time spent in a treatment facility, the higher your chance of truly beating your addiction especially upon getting back out into the real world. When you do a long-term treatment you can expect a detox that could last a few days or weeks, individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, counseling for friends and family members to take a team approach to your sobriety, a close look at trigger factors and what led you to this point as well as advice and guidance on coping skills. Long-term treatment can also provide you with strategies to use so that you avoid addiction in the future.

If you or someone you love is a victim of drug abuse, seek help and contact our facilities.

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