At Evolve Indy, we understand that trauma can come in a wide range of different forms and may have a debilitating impact on your life. Trauma could be something that happened to you years ago that is still impacting you today. Or, it could be triggered by something that has happened to you recently. 

The different types of trauma include sexual assault, physical abuse, verbal abuse, toxic relationships, or even a dramatic change in your life. For instance, being diagnosed with a severe long-term illness could lead to you suffering from trauma. 

Trauma causes an emotional response to a particularly terrible event in your life. One of the ways that people often deal with trauma is by doing everything they can to ensure that they no longer feel it. Essentially, people want to go numb rather than experience the hurt that comes with the trauma. For this reason, many women who have experienced severe trauma do turn to substances to help them cope. This can lead to issues with addiction and substance abuse disorders. 

If you are suffering from trauma and you are using a particular substance to numb the pain, it’s important to get the right support. At Evolve Indy, we can help and ensure that you can tackle your trauma as well as your addiction head-on, getting your life back on track. 

How Can Trauma Impact Your Addiction?

Part of the issue with trauma is that it is often hidden and concealed. You may not have told your friends or family members about the incident or experience that caused you trauma. This could be because you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or to blame. 

That’s why at Evolve Indy, we focus on ensuring that women like you do have a safe, comforting space where they can talk freely about past traumas without fear of judgment. We aim to help you understand that what happened to you wasn’t your fault. When you are honest with your trauma it becomes easier to deal with you. You won’t feel the weight of it as much which means you won’t need to rely on substances. 

Our Solutions To Addiction Caused by Trauma

As well as helping you cope with the trauma that is impacting your life, we also provide solutions to help free you from the addiction that it might have triggered. One of the ways that we can do this is by offering partial hospitalization treatment. This ensures that you can get the medical support that you need including detox services without any overnight stays. It ensures that you can continue to live your life while getting the right support. 

Alternatively, we can also offer intensive outpatient support. This means that you will be provided with the support that you need in a more comfortable residential environment as we work to help you overcome your addiction. 

Once you have completed your addiction treatment, we can also provide an outpatient program to ensure that your trauma does not resurface and cause you to relapse. 

If you are suffering from trauma that has triggered an addiction, we implore you to get in touch today. Our experts are ready to support you. 

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