Clients often wonder what happens in outpatient rehab before they go. Individuals like to be prepared for what to expect and what they need to know. 

While what happens in outpatient rehab may vary, our outpatient treatments at Evolve Indy offer some of the best and newest treatments available to clients in rehabilitation.

Contact a treatment coordinator today to learn how we can support your recovery with our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Indianapolis.

What is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is addiction treatment that occurs while the client lives at home. Many clients can continue working or return to work following a treatment program through this process.

Clients who participate in outpatient addiction treatment must focus on their physical and mental health. It is crucial for clients in outpatient therapy to remain motivated and supported throughout their treatment.

What Happens in Outpatient Rehab?

During outpatient drug rehab, clients will participate in individual therapy, attend group counseling sessions, meet with a doctor or medical professional, and individuals might even attend sober outings, all while maintaining some aspects of their lives. 

During individual therapy sessions, clients will have the opportunity to meet with a therapist or counselor to discuss their specific needs. By identifying the root causes of addiction, individuals can better identify their needs and triggering situations. 

Group therapy offers individuals the opportunity to learn and work with those going through similar situations to themselves. Through group therapy, individuals can learn to collaborate and share their past and hopes for the future. By working with one another to battle the changes and challenges that individuals undergoing addiction treatment encounter. Clients can build a stronger foundation for rehabilitation.

Clients must also meet with a medical professional, a doctor, or a registered nurse throughout outpatient rehab. When clients meet with medical professionals, they’ll discuss their health, progress, and concerns and possibly receive medication to support their sobriety. In addition, MAT is offered in outpatient therapy frequently to help clients maintain sobriety. 

Lastly, during outpatient rehab, clients can maintain certain aspects of their lives. For example, many individuals need to continue working throughout addiction treatment. By attending outpatient treatment, clients can keep working and schedule their outpatient treatment around their work schedule. Additionally, those individuals with children who need to be home can stay home with their children while getting the help they need.

Who Can Benefit From Outpatient Rehab?

Individuals who benefit the most from outpatient rehab meet one of the following criteria; 

  • Diagnosed with a mild to moderate substance use disorder
  • Are not experiencing any additional mental health concerns
  • Recently completed an inpatient treatment program
  • Experienced a lapse or relapse

In these situations, clients often find that outpatient rehab requires a manageable level of motivation and dedication to complete the treatment. 

Intensive outpatient rehabilitation is ideal for clients who have experience with addiction treatment and are continuing their care or returning to care. This is due to the level of support and frequency of therapy in outpatient rehabilitation.

This type of substance addiction treatment can also be ideal for mild to moderate substance use disorders who do not have additional mental health concerns. When individuals struggle with multiple aspects of addiction and their mental health, it can be challenging with the level of support and structure that outpatient rehabilitation offers. It is recommended that those clients seek more intensive treatment to initiate their rehabilitation.

Clients who have more severe substance use disorders or who are experiencing comorbid mental health disorders typically have more difficulty completing outpatient rehab. The level of support and structure and their therapeutic needs often can not be met through outpatient rehabilitation. 

How to Find Outpatient Drug Treatment Near Me

Outpatient addiction treatment is available to those who need it. However, by searching for outpatient drug rehab, clients may be overwhelmed with the options of what is best, what comes first, and who needs what. When this is the case, it is crucial to consider what options and factors are essential. 

Individuals considering outpatient treatment should look for a facility like ours at Evolve Indy. Our outpatient drug treatment is designed to support clients through every treatment process. We help clients with outpatient detoxification, treatment, and continued aftercare. In addition, our medical professionals work to ensure your growth personally and throughout the program. Contact a treatment coordinator today to see how we can support your outpatient addiction treatment.


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