Substance abuse is a growing problem in Indiana and many people are struggling with a form of addiction. Yet, despite this, only a small percentage of these people pursue addiction treatment. Many fail to get help for themselves because they believe that they can’t afford treatment or because they lack health insurance. However, the cost of drug rehab isn’t as high as the cost of addiction. Left unchecked, alcohol or drug abuse can wreak havoc on your life and it can cost you your relationships, career, and family. It can also lead to long-term health and social issues.

At Evolve Indy recovery treatment center, we believe that addiction treatment should be affordable and accessible for those who need it. Receiving appropriate treatment early enough can make all the difference in your life. You might think that treatment might be expensive and out of reach but these days health insurance providers usually cover rehab costs. With the right cover, you’ll be able to get treatment without footing the bill yourself.

What Determines the Cost of Drug Rehab?

What Goes Into The Cost Of Drug Rehab

Once you have decided to seek treatment for substance abuse, the next step is to find an appropriate rehab center to help you get better. One of the factors determining the treatment center you go to is the cost of treatment offered. The cost varies from one center to the other with some substance abuse treatment programs being free, while others run thousands of dollars a day.

No matter your budget, there is a treatment center that’s suitable for you. You can get the treatment you need if you just do some research and know where to get the right information. It’s helpful to think of addiction treatment not as an expense, but as an investment in yourself, your health, and the future. It might seem expensive in the beginning but the treatment pays off over time.

Also, keep in mind that most treatment centers accept insurance, offer financial aid, and have other financial options designed to make treatment accessible.

When it comes to determining the cost of an addiction treatment program, several factors come into play. These include:

The type of treatment program.

The most common types of treatment programs offered in rehab centers include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, residential treatment programs, and outpatient treatment. These can be broadly divided into inpatient/residential or outpatient programs.

Generally, inpatient programs cost more because they provide 24/7 on-site care and supervision. The cost of the program caters to room and board as well as access to other amenities provided at the treatment center.

Outpatient treatment programs on the other hand are more affordable. This is because the patient doesn’t reside at the rehab facility but heads home after their treatment sessions are over for the day. Though they cost less than inpatient programs, outpatient treatment may not always be the best choice in all addiction circumstances.

The duration of the treatment program.

The longer you stay in treatment, the higher the costs will be. Most addiction treatment programs run between 21 and 90 days though some can go on for 6-12 months. How long treatment takes depends on the severity of an individual’s addiction, their treatment goals, how they respond to treatment as well as the type of insurance plan they have. Some insurance policies have limits on the duration of treatment, beyond which the individual has to cover the costs themselves.

The type of treatments offered and used at the rehab.

What Goes Into The Cost Of Drug Rehab

The type of treatment offered at a rehab center depends on the severity and type of an individual’s addiction. Those battling alcoholism might not require the same treatment as those struggling with opioid addiction, for example.

Different treatment centers also offer different types of treatment. Some prefer to incorporate experiential therapy such as equine therapy, recreational therapy, hydrotherapy, etc., into their treatment program. This adds to the cost of treatment as they have to cater for the additional staff, equipment, and other specific expenses.

Whether or not detox is required.

The severity and type of substance addiction an individual has also determines whether or not they require detox. Some substances result in serious withdrawal symptoms once addicts stop using them. Such individuals require medically-supervised detox to safely flush the toxins from their bodies. This influences the overall cost of addiction treatment.

Additionally, some patients might require medication to help them break free of their addiction. This is referred to as medication-assisted therapy and it also increases the cost of treatment.

The location of the rehab facility.

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab varies depending on the location of the facility. Treatment typically costs more in large cities compared to smaller towns. You’re also likely to incur higher costs while getting treatment in upmarket vacation-like destinations like mountain retreats or beachside rehabs.

You might also have to pay more should you decide to attend an out-of-state facility where your insurance coverage might be reduced.

Other services and amenities are provided.

Some treatment facilities opt to provide special amenities for their patients, leading to increased costs. For instance, private luxury rehabs are likely to be more expensive since they offer high-end services and amenities like spa and massage treatments, chef-prepared meals, private rooms, fitness, and sporting activities.

Finding the Right Treatment Center for You

To get the best addiction treatment, look for a skilled and caring facility that meets your individual needs. Also consider your insurance policy, your preferences, and your treatment goals.

The cost of rehab shouldn’t deter you from seeking treatment. We at Evolve Indy would be glad to work with you to ensure you receive the right assistance to conquer your addiction. We accept a range of insurance covers and also offer different financing options to make treatment as affordable as possible.

If you’re ready to reclaim your life, call us, and let us help you step into a future that’s free from addiction.

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