Need insurance for addiction treatment? Learn how to get started in this article.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can take over your life, leading to a variety of long-term health complications. Checking yourself into a rehab treatment program is one way to help you break free of the addiction and help you turn your life around.

While choosing an appropriate rehab facility to suit your needs, you’ll probably consider the kind of treatment options provided, recommendations, referrals, and testimonials from those who have been there as well as the amenities and facilities offered. Another thing you’re sure to take into consideration is the cost of the treatment. 

The cost of rehab varies widely and is largely dependent on the facility, the level of treatment needed, and the length of stay.

One of the most common ways to cover the costs of treatment at a rehab facility is by using health insurance.

Using Insurance To Pay For Addiction Rehab

Addiction Rehab and Health Insurance

Once you have decided on the rehab facility you want to attend in Indiana, it’s important that you check and confirm the following:

  • Whether your chosen facility accepts your insurance provider.
  • If your insurance covers the rehab treatment.
  • What exactly is covered by your insurance.

Having insurance coverage doesn’t guarantee that a rehab facility will take it. To find out whether your insurance is accepted at a particular rehab center, check their website, call them or schedule a meeting to speak to one of their representatives.

The same goes for your health insurance provider. Find out exactly what aspects of your treatment will be covered –whether they will only meet the costs for a portion of your treatment or for the entire duration. Will they also cover the costs for all treatment services you’ll undergo or only some of them?

How to Pay with Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Using Insurance To Pay For Addiction Rehab

Attending treatment at a rehab center is already stressful. Ironing out any payment issues beforehand frees you from financial worries so you can better concentrate on your treatment.

If your health insurance carrier agrees to cover the costs of your rehab treatment, find out how the payment will be made. Will you be required to pay first and the insurance reimburses these costs or will your insurance provider pay the treatment facility directly?

It’s also advisable to familiarize yourself with any contracts and agreements associated with the payment process. This will help you avoid any surprises that might interfere with your recovery. Read the fine print to understand all the payment clauses and what they entail. If anything isn’t clear to you, seek further clarification from your insurance provider.

Getting Started with Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Paying for an addiction treatment program is possible. Don’t let the cost of rehab discourage you from getting the help you need. Call Evolve Indy today and we’ll be happy to discuss the financing options available for you. We look forward to being part of your life-changing road to recovery.

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