Discovering that a loved one has a drug problem and is actively suffering from addiction is heartbreaking. Perhaps you’ve been watching your loved one slip away bit by bit without realizing drugs are the cause. Maybe they’ve been away for some time and you realize suddenly that something is very wrong. However you discover that they are actively using drugs, your next step may be to determine what drugs they are using. Before you sit down for what can be an emotionally charged conversation, you may want to do some research in advance. 

The signs that someone is on methamphetamines are different from the signs that someone is on opioids. Each drug class produces different effects and different signs of use. Understanding the signs will arm you with more facts and enable you to have a more objective approach to your conversation. At Evolve Indy, we understand how devastating it can be to realize you’re losing someone you love to addiction. We also know how to help people find their way out of addiction and into recovery. 

What Are Methamphetamines?

Methamphetamine, or meth, belongs to the stimulant class of drugs and is highly addictive. It is usually found as an odorless, white crystal powder. As a stimulant, it affects the central nervous system and basically speeds it up. You may hear it referred to as meth, blue, ice, or crystal. Methamphetamines belong to the same class of drugs as amphetamines, but are far more potent and cause significantly more harmful effects. Like many other drugs, methamphetamine affects dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. Upon taking meth, the user is rewarded with a high that is reinforced with dopamine and the effects can last for hours. The signs that someone is on methamphetamine will often depend on how it is being ingested. Methamphetamines can be snorted, injected, smoked, or taken by mouth. Users will often binge and then crash. 

What Are the Signs Someone Is on Methamphetamines?

If you’re searching for information on signs someone is on methamphetamines, you likely already have a sense that your loved one is using meth. Still, you may not know all of the signs and you want to understand the facts before you start confronting your loved one about their drug use. To understand the signs someone is on methamphetamine, start by remembering that it is a stimulant. Methamphetamines stimulate the central nervous system resulting in:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased breathing and heart rate
  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Increased attention
  • Euphoria 
  • Outbursts, mood swings, hallucinations, and paranoia
  • Grinding teeth
  • Increased activity and wakefulness

Methamphetamines are highly addictive and dangerous. As the user develops a tolerance, they will use more drugs to achieve the same effect which increases the risk of overdose. They may also change how they take the drug to get high faster. Injecting meth brings a much faster high than snorting or swallowing. 

Some of the signs of meth abuse will be based on how the person is taking the drug. For example, if they are injecting it, they may have track marks. Other physical signs will be common across all ways of use. You may notice them picking at their skin or hair, dilated pupils, rapid eye movements, twitching or jerky movements, grinding their teeth, or talking constantly. All of the signs will be tied to how they are using the drug and what the drug does to the body. Sadly, long-term meth use can also damage your mental health. Methamphetamine use can lead to mood disturbances, psychosis, and anxiety. 

Get Help for Someone on Methamphetamines at Evolve Indy

At Evolve Indy, we know the tragedy that is addiction. We know that it can be especially challenging to break free of methamphetamine addiction. Our compassionate and professional staff can help you or your loved one find the way out of the darkness of addiction. We care about your success and we know how to help you or your loved one find long-term sobriety. Our programs range from residential to outpatient and incorporate a multi-faceted therapeutic approach. We will create an individualized treatment plan that blends traditional and holistic therapies to best support you or your loved one. Contact us today to see how we can best support you and your loved one in the journey to sobriety. 

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