It is helpful to find in-network treatment options when searching for addiction treatment coverage. This action ensures that the rehabilitation center is verified and supportive while also being the most cost-effective option for your rehabilitative care. Additionally, outpatient rehab is covered by many insurance policies, including UHC Insurance.

United Healthcare Insurance is accepted at Evolve Indy, a premier outpatient addiction treatment facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Clients can access in-network addiction treatment options through multiple programs. We support our clients with the best and most effective therapies and support groups for outpatient care. Speak with a treatment coordinator today to verify your insurance and see how we can support you on your recovery journey.

How Do I Know If I Need Outpatient Treatment?

Individuals who have a substance use disorder need addiction treatment, but what is the correct level of treatment to provide the most supportive care? The levels of addiction treatment vary based on the needs of the client. Additionally, each individual might need something different based on many individual factors. 

How to Find Outpatient Rehab Covered by UHC Insurance

While those with moderate to severe substance use disorders require more intensive support through partial hospitalization or inpatient treatment, persons with mild substance use disorders can be appropriately treated in outpatient therapy. Outpatient addiction treatment is ideal for individuals with mild substance use disorder because it allows them to access a proper level of treatment while maintaining normalcy in their lives. 

Outpatient addiction treatment is also ideal for individuals who are not struggling with other mental health disorders or comorbid mental health concerns present during use or while going through withdrawal. Outpatient treatment focuses clients on the present and addresses concerns directly related to substance abuse. 

Outpatient treatment is also beneficial for individuals who have noticed that their drinking is problematic and are ready to change their lifestyle but cut out alcohol. Through this process, individuals can focus on learning the steps to avoid harmful drinking habits and avoid stressful situations where drinking is common.

Another way to know if outpatient treatment is for you is whether or not you’ve already completed a more intensive addiction treatment program. Outpatient addiction treatment is ideal as aftercare or continuation of care programs. Through outpatient therapy, clients can focus on rehabilitation, meet with a counselor, and attend group therapy while getting back into the real world and addressing their concerns and triggers firsthand.

Does Health Insurance cover outpatient treatment?

If you feel that outpatient treatment is what you need, you should speak with your healthcare provider and insurance company to see what kind of treatment is available to you in-network. Thankfully, most insurance companies cover, or at least partially cover, outpatient addiction treatment for in-network addiction treatment facilities.

To find out if your insurance coverage provider has in-network rehab facilities near you, you can go online or call and speak with a representative. All insurance providers will be able to give you or direct you to a list of in-network addiction treatment centers and detail your coverage and financial responsibility associated with each type of addiction treatment. 

After looking at this list, you should contact the addiction treatment centers you are interested in knowing more about. They will be able to verify your insurance, give you more information about the center, and give you a realistic out-of-pocket amount for care at their facility.

How to Find Outpatient Rehab Covered by UHC Insurance

To find out if your United Healthcare Insurance policy covers rehab, you should gather your policy information and check their UHC medical insurance page or call and speak with a UHC insurance representative. Through this process, you can find out precisely what UHC rehab coverage is available in your policy. 

Most United Healthcare insurance policies cover outpatient treatment and some detoxification programs. A referral from a doctor may be required for coverage of your addiction treatment. Generally, this can come from your primary care physician, but you should check with your insurance to verify the requirements.

Evolve Indy offers outpatient treatment programs in the Indiana area that accept United Healthcare insurance and will work with you to find a treatment program that meets your needs and works within your coverage. To verify your insurance coverage, contact a treatment coordinator today. 

Our effective treatment practices help clients build a trusted recovery community in Indianapolis.


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