The stigma of addiction keeps many of those struggling with a substance abuse disorder from seeking treatment. The shame of feeling unworthy, flawed or a failure for being addicted to drugs or alcohol can be crippling. Add the stigma that surrounds addiction and you can quickly feel alone in your struggle.

If you’ve made the huge decision to go to rehab and turn your life around, dealing with stigma can be frustrating and discouraging. Even though you’re working on yourself, some people will still choose to judge you by your addiction. To make matters worse, this stigma can flow over to your loved ones for associating with you, which only adds to your feelings of guilt. All this can make you doubt your ability to change and shake your resolve.

Overcoming the Stigma of Addiction

While shame and stigma may seem like insurmountable barriers on the way to recovery, there are some steps you can take to embrace healing.

Engage in your recovery

You can beat the stigma around addiction by being active in your recovery. Being an example of someone who put in the work and reclaimed their life back from addiction will show people that they’re wrong about those struggling with addiction. So do all you can to get better from attending therapy sessions to joining support groups and raising awareness about addiction.

Nurture a support network

Surrounding yourself with people who understand addiction and recovery can be crucial in keeping stigma from affecting you. Attending support group meetings e.g. AA or NA, or asking those close to you to join you in family therapy can provide the encouragement and motivation you need.

Share your story

Stigma thrives in ignorance and sharing your addiction and recovery journey with others can put a human face to the struggle of addiction. This way you can educate more people on what addiction is and show that anyone can be affected.

Develop healthy coping skills

Dealing with stigma regularly can be emotionally draining. Practicing healthy coping skills such as eating healthily, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and learning how to deal with stressors can go a long way toward improving your outlook and boosting your recovery.

Practice self-acceptance

Finally, to keep the stigma from getting to you, you need to embrace yourself. Sure, you made some mistakes in the past but you’re doing something about it now. Instead of self-criticism, practice self-compassion and forgive yourself as you work on improving your life.

Breaking the Barriers

It’s not easy to deal with or overcome the stigma of addiction treatment but with support, guidance, and compassionate care from Evolve Indy, you can confront this barrier. As the premier rehab facility in Indiana, we offer addiction treatment programs on both outpatient and inpatient basis, including partial hospitalization treatment and intensive outpatient care.

Don’t let other people’s prejudice get in the way of your recovery. Contact us today and let’s help you build a new, fulfilling life.

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