When you and your loved one are experiencing the effects of drug addictions, life is a struggle. Daily activities and interactions become increasingly frustrating and complicated. Make the decision for you and those around you to begin Couples Drug Addiction Treatment. 

At Evolve Indy you will receive specialized care and treatment with your unique needs in mind. We have the experience and training to help you get the services you deserve to recover and move on in your life.  

Let’s work on getting you and your partner onto the path to recovery. This is a journey we can take together. To learn more about our treatment options, continue reading. 

About Our Addiction Treatment Center

Evolve Indy is a leading addiction treatment center located conveniently in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our highly trained therapists and professional staff members are skilled in utilizing a broad range of proven methodologies to provide the most effective treatment. 

We treat both drug addiction and the accompanying behaviors in addition to determining the underlying causes of your addiction and addressing those issues as well.

The team at Evolve Indy is committed to guiding you toward your goal of achieving long-term recovery. We will meet you where you are and be with you every step of the way. 

Couple’s Drug Addiction Treatment

Engaging in a couple’s drug addiction treatment is beneficial for the entire family. When both partners are ready, willing, and able to seek treatment the process is more successful. Having someone who has been through the addiction process and can support you and vice versa is a valuable part of treatment and recovery. Understanding triggers, knowing when your partner is having a rough day, and all of these little things that others may not understand are important.

As couples engage in therapy, they work on addiction treatment, the causes, and ways to recover successfully. At Evolve Indy, our approach is catered to you because you are unique. To that end, so is your relationship. We will work with each of you individually and together as a couple. You will have the opportunity to become stronger on your own and with your life partner.

Throughout treatment, your family will be an important part of the recovery process. You will learn how to better relate to your partner and your children. The ways that your drug addiction has impacted your children will be discussed at length. We will help educate and guide you on how to parent without drug dependency. You will receive assistance with new coping mechanisms to help you maintain your long-term recovery goals.  

Treatment Options

There is no one-size-fits-all all option for addiction treatment and recovery options. We work with you to find the best mix of both modern and traditional methods. In addition, Evolve Indy offers a range of ways to receive treatment, including: 

Partial Hospitalizations

Partial hospitalization programs or PHPs are a way to receive intensive treatment and care without staying overnight at the treatment center. Some patients prefer this option to remain in closer contact with their families.    

The program offerings are similar to that of inpatient treatment services. This is a viable choice for individuals, couples, and families seeking addiction treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient programs or IOPs usually follow as the next step in treatment after a partial hospitalization program. With this step, patients resume more of their routine daily activities just as they did before entering the program.  

In other cases, patients begin at this stage of treatment. The staff at Evolve Indy will work with you to determine where your needs will be best met.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab addiction treatment programs are often turned to after a patient or couple has completed a residential inpatient treatment program. This option is beneficial in assisting you in the transition from treatment back into your normal life.

You are given the tools you will need to cope with your old stressors and triggers so you don’t fall into old patterns that lead you back into addiction. We help you find the best options that fit into your schedule so you can continue living your life. With this option, you have greater control, privacy, and options available.

Evolve Indy is here to help you with your battle against substance abuse. We are available to walk you through the treatment process and answer all of your questions regardless of your life situation. Don’t let another moment of your life pass away under the struggles of drug addiction. Take action for yourself, your partner, your family, and your future. You can make a difference in your life today. All it takes is one step to get on the path to recovery. Take that step now.

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