When people talk about substance abuse, they often talk about how it affects their bodies and minds. In addition to these problems, however, long-term drug use can hurt a person’s social life and economic well-being. 

Social health has to do with a person’s relationships and their ability to keep up with healthy, beneficial relationships, and when it comes to marriage, drug abuse can cause many problems, including the end of the relationship. 

It’s important to understand just what drug addiction could be doing to your marriage and why it might lead to divorce. Once you understand this, you may understand why drug rehab is the best course of action to save yourself and your family. With that in mind, here are three links between drug addiction and divorce to consider. 

Connections Are Destroyed

Addiction is a major strain on any relationship. Close personal relationships experience many highs and lows no matter what, but having a close relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict can put you through a whirlwind of negative emotions, disorganization, and even physical danger. 

Addiction can lead to actions like verbal and physical abuse of loved ones. The trust necessary for a fulfilling relationship may be shattered in this way. 

Every aspect of a person’s life, especially their romantic and sexual relationships, is impacted by a drug abuse problem. Substance abuse is a sneaky disease that can start with just one drink to help get through the day or a few hits when hanging out with friends. Constantly engaging in this behavior is a chronic addiction.

In other words, the trust and love that the marriage began with will be eaten away as one partner continues addictive behavior. The sooner alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment is provided, the better – there may be a chance the problem won’t lead to divorce. 

Financial Strain 

Maintaining a happy marriage can be challenging even when both partners are millionaires. The stress multiplies rapidly when financial issues are involved. One of the many ways money can cause friction in a relationship is if one partner’s credit history causes financial difficulties, and drug or alcohol abuse could be the cause of this problem. 

After all, without alcohol rehab, someone might lose their job and have to rely on credit (both for everyday bills and to fund their habit). When that runs out, and there is no way to pay the borrowing back, problems will escalate, and that includes problems within the marriage, as the other spouse tries to fix the issues or finds they can’t buy food for the week. 

Drug treatment might cost money, but it won’t cost as much as a drug habit, and the results are much more positive. Since money problems are one of the biggest causes of divorce, financial woes are already a bad thing to have to deal with; if they come from drugs or alcohol, this makes the situation so much worse. 

The Potential For Abuse 

Drugs and alcohol will change a person. They might go from being the most loving spouse and the parent who is always there for their kids to someone who barely takes any notice of the other people in their family. That’s bad enough. But, what if they turn violent? What if there is abuse because of the drugs? 

This is why the obvious need for drug treatment is clear, but it could be that the marriage is already over. After all, is there any coming back from abuse, whether it’s physical, sexual, emotional, or mental? 

No matter whether the divorce is going ahead at this point, getting to an addiction treatment center is crucial. It could be what helps you maintain a civil relationship with your spouse, and it might be what allows you to enjoy your children again like the parent you know you can be. 

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that when one partner in a relationship has a substance abuse problem, it negatively affects the entire relationship. These problems should be addressed as soon as possible before they escalate into more serious conflicts.

You may be feeling at a loss as to what to do if your spouse has a substance abuse problem. It can be difficult to know what to say or do to help someone going through something so difficult. 

There is still a chance, though, with good alcohol treatment and drug rehab. Contact us at Evolve Indy for the assistance and guidance you require. Contact us now to begin the road to recovery.


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