Pennsylvania, like other states in the country, is dealing with the burden of alcohol and drug addiction. The state has the 14th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country, a majority from prescription drugs. Alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin are also frequently abused in the state.

These statistics paint a picture of what goes on in a lot of people’s lives. Maybe you’re one of those affected in one way or another by addiction. Perhaps you’re struggling with alcohol or substance use yourself or maybe a loved one is. Either way, the effects can be devastating, not only to the person with the addiction but also those around them. Addiction is a disease that affects people on all levels-mentally, physically, and emotionally. It takes a toll on an individual’s health, mental well-being, relationships, and even work.

If you are battling addiction, the first step towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Acknowledging that you’ve lost control of your life and need help getting it back on the right track sets you on the right path to receive the assistance you need. The next step is finding the right addiction treatment center and program for yourself.

While there are numerous great rehabs in Pennsylvania, they might not suit your unique needs. If you have tried to find a suitable rehab center within the state and were not satisfied, then you need to widen your search. A neighboring state like Indiana might have the right treatment center.

Here at Evolve Indy, we realize how difficult it is to look for addiction treatment, let alone seek a rehab outside your state. There are numerous things to consider before settling on one. We’ve come up with some common questions that can help you decide whether traveling to Indiana for addiction treatment is right for you.

Evolve Indy: Rehab Center For Pennsylvania Residents

Why should I travel from Pennsylvania or addiction treatment?

There are several reasons why traveling from Pennsylvania for rehab treatment is a great idea, the key among them being the change of environment. Getting away from the negative and toxic environment that drove you into alcoholism and drug use is crucial if you want to focus on recovery. Additionally, widening your search for addiction treatment centers beyond Pennsylvania will increase your chances of finding an ideal rehab to suit your treatment and recovery needs.

What addiction treatment programs can I find at out-of-state rehabs?

Different addiction recovery centers offer varying treatment programs depending on the type of addiction they specialize in treating. Some specialize in treating specific addictions while others deal with a mix of them. Evolve Indy caters to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and has a variety of treatment programs in place to address this including the Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program. The type of program you enroll in depends on the kind of addiction you have as well as your stage of addiction.

What factors determine a good addiction treatment center?

When weighing your treatment options, it’s good to keep in mind that treatment centers are not the same. Similarly, what works for one person might not be ideal for another. Some of the factors you can use to compare different rehab centers include:

  • The success rate of the treatment center. Do they have a high relapse rate?
  • The testimonials from some of the people who’ve gone through treatment at the facility.
  • What is the cost of treatment at the center and how does it compare to others?
  • What kind of environment does the facility provide?
  • Does the rehab center have a variety of staff and what are their qualifications and credentials?
  • Do they offer personalized treatment plans based on an individual’s unique recovery needs or do they have a generic plan for all their clients?
  • Do they provide aftercare services to help their clients remain sober after discharge?
  • Do they provide supplemental treatment programs such as experiential treatment, yoga, etc?
Evolve Indy: Rehab Center For Pennsylvania Residents

How long will I stay at a rehab center in the Midwest?

Different treatment programs in Indiana run for different lengths of time. So the length of stay at rehab will depend on the type of treatment program you enroll for with some running for as little as 3 months and others lasting for a year or more. Your stay will also be determined by how well you respond to treatment and how serious your addiction was on admission. You can expect to stay in rehab for a while if you have to pass through different treatment stages i.e from a Residential Treatment Program to a Partial Hospitalization Program then finally to Outpatient Treatment.

How much would it cost to go to addiction treatment?

Another factor to take into consideration when thinking of traveling for addiction treatment is the cost you’ll incur. If you’re going to travel to Indiana, then you’ll need to add up the cost of the plane ticket or gas, the cost of accommodation as well as other necessary daily expenses. It’s important to note that some of the addiction treatment programs at Evolve Indy have a provision for accommodation. For instance, if admitted to our Partial Hospitalization Program, you’ll stay at a residence under the supervision of our professionals. The cost of this accommodation is calculated as part of your treatment. Additionally, we accept most major health insurance plans to make it easy for you to meet the costs of treatment.

Evolve Indy: Rehab Center For Pennsylvania Residents

Choosing to travel from Pennsylvania for addiction treatment is a huge step to make and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. Take your time to do adequate research to make sure that the treatment center you settle for is the right one for your addiction treatment needs.

To find out more about Evolve Indy’s treatment programs and the cost of treatment at our recovery center in Indiana, get in touch with us either through the contact form on our website or by calling us. Our addiction treatment professionals are ready to assist you.

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