Amid all the talk of America’s problem with opioids – an issue that has been in the media eye for a few years now – perhaps the most pernicious example has been fentanyl addiction. Fentanyl, which is prescribed as a treatment for chronic pain, has become one of the most abused substances due to its extremely powerful effects. While the high is recognized as being among the most euphoric available, fentanyl is also perhaps the deadliest addiction out there; one of its street names, Toe Tag Dope, hints at its lethal potential, and the necessity of dealing with addiction in a prompt fashion.

The Best Rehab for Fentanyl Addiction In Indiana

Threat Of Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl has become so insidious because it is usually prescribed for legitimate reasons.  Its painkilling potential means that chronic pain patients, post-operative outpatients, and others can treat their – often agonizing – symptoms without needing to stay in the hospital. However, it is when the pain has subsided that the problem may become apparent; some patients find themselves dependent on the full-body high that the drug can deliver. In other cases, pills may be found by a family member or friend who tries them for a buzz, then find themselves hooked.

Addiction to this substance, also known to many as Fent or Fenty, is both fast and deep. It is hard to break and it can do a lot of damage in a relatively short period of time. It is worth noting that Fentanyl is prescribed in hospitals and even as a pre-operative analgesic because it is stronger in its effects than even morphine (a hundred times more powerful; 1000x more powerful in the case of Carfentanyl). That means that its beneficial effects are more pronounced, but also that all of its many negative impacts are equally amplified.

Why Fentanyl addiction in Indiana

The reason that people may seek to enter rehab for Fentanyl addiction in Indiana is straightforward; this is not a drug that is easy to come off. Once hooked on the prescription-grade form of the medication, users are liable to buy from dealers who may be providing black-market Fentanyl which is even more pernicious than the medical compound. 

The drug is easily synthesized, which means its production is not controlled and its strength is impossible to judge. The street form may be more addictive, and its negative side effects more pronounced. These effects include extreme drowsiness, lack of attention span or motivation, and physical effects such as nausea and swelling in the extremities.

People with Fentanyl addictions may at the height of the problem be extremely difficult to reason with when it comes to seeing the negative impacts of their use. The drug can render users paranoid, cause delusions, and result in total social withdrawal. Intervention, and extremely careful rehabilitation including a program of detox, is essential for a lasting and complete recovery.

Fentanyl Rehabilitation Here in Indiana

If you, or someone close to you, are experiencing an addiction to this product, treatment is available. It’s not too late to speak to an expert in rehab for Fentanyl addiction in Indiana, and by calling Evolve Indy you can make contact with someone who can help you to begin the process of recovery.

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