Do you find yourself drinking more than you should? Do you feel like your ability to manage life’s responsibilities is hindered by your alcohol consumption, even if other people don’t see it?

If these questions have crossed your mind and evoked a sense of unease and concern, then this post is for you. We will discuss the signs of high-functioning alcoholism in detail, with an expert questionnaire that can help you determine whether or not you may have this form of a drinking problem. 

Let’s jump right in and get started! 

Take this questionnaire to find out if you are a functioning alcoholic:

Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic? Questionnaire

1. Do you find yourself drinking more than others around you?

2. Have you ever felt the urge to reduce or stop drinking, but found it difficult to do so?

3. Do you find yourself needing an alcoholic beverage after a stressful day at work or with family responsibilities?

4. Are there times when you don’t remember what happened the night before?

5. Do you hide your alcohol consumption from friends, family, or coworkers?

6. Have you ever been in trouble with the law due to drinking-related incidents?

7. Are your relationships affected by your drinking habits?

8. Do you lie about how much alcohol you consume?

9. Do you think that your drinking habits are putting you in danger or affecting your physical health?

10. Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms, such as shakes or anxiety, when not drinking?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, then it’s time to consider the possibility that you may have high-functioning alcoholism.

High-functioning alcoholics usually appear to lead normal lives and often go undetected by their friends and family due to their ability to maintain work, relationships, and responsibilities despite the fact they are abusing alcohol.

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High-functioning alcoholism is a very serious issue that can have devastating consequences if not addressed. It’s important to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse and seek out help as soon as possible before things spiral out of control.

From difficulties in personal relationships to declining health issues, taking the first step toward recovery is a crucial one. At Evolve Indy, our team of qualified addiction specialists is available around the clock to provide support and treatment options for those dealing with high-functioning alcoholism.

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