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When it comes to addiction, most of us know someone who is suffering from this terrible disease. Unfortunately, many people battle with addiction their entire lives and are unable to get and stay sober. This is because, without the right type of care and support, it is easy to relapse. In fact, quitting on your own is nearly impossible. A person gets the best chance at long-term sobriety by going to a licensed treatment facility and finding the best program possible.

Evolve Indy is here to provide those suffering from addiction the care they need to get free of drugs and alcohol and return to everyday life with the best possible chances of staying in recovery. Our kind and dedicated staff are here for our clients to treat their individual needs. After all, each addiction is different and deserves an individualized approach. We can help you find the right center that offers medically surprised detoxification.

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What is Detox?

Before you start looking for detox centers in Indianapolis, you probably want to know what detox is. As you may have guessed, detox is the all-important crucial first step on the road to recovery. Whether you are a lifelong addict, or only began abusing substances a short while ago, the only way to truly get clean is by going to a facility that offers detox in Indianapolis. From a practical standpoint, detox is the removal of harmful substances from the body that goes with taking drugs or drinking alcohol. The best way to detox is under the careful medical supervision of our highly trained and caring staff who can monitor the harmful effects of withdrawal that go with quitting using drugs or alcohol.

While it might seem safe and easy to quit on your own, it is never a good idea to do so because it can often lead to harmful and dangerous side effects as well as a high likelihood of withdrawal.

The detox process is most often challenging as it involves all of the substances that the body has become accustomed to leaving abruptly. Over time, as a person drinks or uses drugs, the body starts to become dependent on those substances to function normally. Once this happens, when a person chooses to remove those substances, the body reacts, often in a dangerous way. As time passes, these bodily reactions become what we know as withdrawal symptoms.

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Knowing the Signs

Why is Medical Detox Important?

While detox is an integral part of getting sober, the most important factor is that detox is done in a medically supervised environment. In some cases, detox may even need to be assisted by other medication to counteract the effects of the drugs in a person’s system.

The primary reason why medical detox is vital is the health of the person detoxing can be appropriately monitored. Whether it’s drug or alcohol detox in Indianapolis, it’s important that the process is done right for the health of the patient. Withdrawal symptoms can range in number and severity depending on the person, but there is always a chance that they can be life-threatening, meaning medical supervision is necessary.

There is also the potential that existing health issues can be complicated by the effects of withdrawal, leading to further health complications that require medical attention. A trained medical staff like ours is able to cope with any potential complications while offering help and support and making sure the detox process goes as smoothly as possible and without the potential for the person to relapse.

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Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Knowing what withdrawal symptoms are and what they look like will make it easier to seek out help and get detox done the right way. Symptoms will vary by person and overall health, but there are a few that you can look out for to know when the withdrawal is occurring.

One major sign of withdrawal is intense cravings for drugs or alcohol. These cravings can be so intense that a person may relapse just to relieve the feeling caused by the craving. A person may even resort to illicit or harmful behavior in order to obtain their substance of choice.

Another sign or symptom of withdrawal is intense anxiety or feelings of worry or anxiousness due to not having the drug or as part of the body’s reaction to the lack of drugs or alcohol. Depending on the severity of the anxiety, this can result in other issues such as panic attacks or even depression.

Physical symptoms like nausea, headache, and fatigue can also occur to varying degrees and may also need medical support in order to deal with them safely. Even mild symptoms can be debilitating if left untreated.

These are just a few examples of potential symptoms of withdrawal, but it’s always important to remember that each and every person is different, and so is their addiction and withdrawal. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, the best course of action is to seek help before stopping the use of drugs or alcohol so that the trained medical staff can manage the effects properly.

Withdrawal typically lasts from a few days to a week, and during this time, the person going through the withdrawal is extremely vulnerable. Evolve Indy has the caring and knowledgeable staff you need to take care of you during your withdrawal due to detox.

Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated, and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This place saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy! Auston M.Alumni
Evolve Indy is by far the best treatment facility in America! From the top down, Evolve has some of the most amazing, dedicated, and professional men and women in the field. The team at Evolve is focused on addressing the root causes of addiction and has a team of medical staff and clinical therapists who help each individual formulate a personal plan to learn about their addiction and how to maintain long-term Sobriety. I know all of this because I personally completed the program at Evolve Indy! The men and women at Evolve helped me to regain control of my life and successfully placed me on the road to Long Term Recovery! I am forever grateful for the program that this amazing facility has in place to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I would highly recommend Evolve Indy as a solution to the problem! Justyn R.Alumni
Evolve Indy is an intensive outpatient care treatment facility for those who wish to recover from their addictions. The team working there developed and formed a unique group of people who have faced issues of Addiction and used programs such as are taught at Evole Indy to change their lives and live in recovery with the unique opportunity to help others find their sobriety, and then their recovery. These lessons come from a first-hand personal basis from people who have lived those lives and fully understand the challenges that clients face and how to deal with them to improve their future lives. My heart goes out to the clinicians and staff at Evolve Indy who have helped me to recover from a life of addictions and to live my life now in recovery. David K.Alumni
I don’t even know where to begin. Addiction doesn’t care what family or person it chooses to affect and it’s definitely a long and tough journey not only for the addict but also for the loved ones included. My first call was to Marty and he immediately arranged a force to go and talk to my son. Guided me in the process and made it easy during a rough time in our lives. Tyson took time away to welcome my son to the Evolve house at midnight bc it was the only flight we could get him back due to Covid he welcomed my son and never once looked upset that it was late and helped him get set up and took time from his personal life to do that for us. Whitney whose an amazing counselor and my son loved her. There is a million things and examples of what each of them did to help take care of my son through the process but when you walk into Evolve you feel calm, like family and mostly loved. When you meet Joe you just immediately feel his genuineness and his heart for everyone. My son loved him and his choice of music 😂 Mike Reynolds who also was amazing to my son and I can’t thank him enough. But mostly my biggest thanks and appreciation goes to Brian Kendrick. For multiple reasons, when my son left Evolve and was in sober living he still took my son under his wing and treated him like his own. When we went through relapse he contacted each of us on the daily.Shawna C.Alumni
The staff at Evolve Indy was great they actually cared and gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them. I’ve been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing. Christopher D.Alumni
These people truly care!! If I had a loved one struggling, I would pick Evolve in a heartbeat. Quality care with genuine professionals in a luxurious setting.Jake S.Alumni
I know these guys very well. When I look at treatment programs I think: Would I send a family member here? With Evolve Indy, the answer is yes. Keep up the good work guys! John N.Alumni






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How to Find a Detox Center in Indianapolis

If you’re trying to find a detox center in Indianapolis, you could spend many hours scouring the internet or calling different clinics, or you could call Evolve Indy, and our team can help you find a detox center that fits your needs.

After your detox, we also offer a wide range of outpatient treatment programs and even partial hospitalization stays for clients that need extra care. No matter how severe your addiction, we have the staff and the treatment available to help you get free of your addiction and on the road to recovery.

Before you go another day suffering under the shadow of addiction, contact Evolve Indy and let us find the right solutions for your addictions so that you can return to a normal life free of drugs and alcohol.


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