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Trauma Therapy Addiction Treatment Progam At Evolve Indy

Trauma Therapy For Addiction Treatment

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What Is Trauma?

A simple definition of trauma is that it is a deeply distressing or disturbing event that Impacts how you view the world and yourself. Trauma can take many forms including mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse, neglect, sexual trauma, domestic violence, traumatic illness and traumatic loss. Trauma is different for everyone. Women tend to minimize their trauma and view it as less significant than their peers. In Elevate, we learn that if it was traumatic for you – it matters. We all have our crosses to bear and all trauma is significant and needs to be addressed as it is one of the main contributors to addiction.

Self Loathing

What is the connection between self loathing and addiction? Most addicts hate themselves on some level. Self loathing fuels addiction and must be addressed in order to break the cycle of shame and addiction. Shame says “I am bad because of what I have done or because of what happened to me.” Trauma can be the basis for self loathing and is addressed in Elevate – a place to talk openly about the dark thoughts that we have about ourselves.
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Knowing the Signs

Self Sabotage

Why do addicts have the tendency to self sabotage? When things are going well, there is the belief that something bad is about to happen. The anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop is too great and addicts will attempt to control their life by self – sabotaging and engaging in self destructive acts because that’s what we feel we deserve. Elevate will explore these impulses and help you learn that there doesn’t have to be another shoe.

Negative Core Belief System

What is a negative core belief system? A negative core belief system is a belief system that develops about ourselves that typically starts in childhood stemming from trauma. It’s the belief that we are inherently bad, worthless, no good, dirty, unsafe, unloved. This belief system is reinforced in our adolescence and adulthood thru further victimization and abuse. It is also reinforced by our addiction as we violate our morals and hurt those people we love the most. In Elevate, we gently challenge this belief system and replace it with a positive core belief system based on self compassion, forgiveness and love.

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Individualized & Customized

Positive Core Belief System

What is a positive core belief system? Instilling a positive core belief system is the goal of Elevate. We learn to treat ourselves with love and respect. We replace negative self talk with positive affirmations. We learn to engage in self care and set healthy boundaries for ourselves. We learn to have compassion for ourselves and to forgive ourselves.

What Is Moral Injury?

Moral injury is an inevitable consequence of addiction. The hallmark of the disease of addiction is that it causes every single one of us to violate our morals, values and beliefs. We hurt those people that we love the most and for many of us, that makes it difficult to even look in the mirror. This leads to deep moral injury, shame and self loathing. Processing that moral injury and healing from it is part of Elevate.

What Is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma encompasses any abuse that you suffered as a child and includes physical, emotional, verbal, mental, sexual abuse, neglect, medical trauma and bullying. Or it could be that your parents withheld love and affection or were addicts themselves or mentally ill. Whatever the trauma, as a child, when you are abused or neglected by people who are supposed to love and care for you, a child’s mind comes to one conclusion. It must be me. I must be bad, unlovable, dirty, unwanted. This is the beginning of lifelong self loathing that leads to addiction and the reason why many addicts and alcoholics use substances to numb themselves. The reality is that you were an innocent child, period. All you wanted was love and attention and that is what you deserve.
Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This placed saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy!
Auston M.
Evolve Indy is by far the best treatment facility in America! From the top down, Evolve has some of the most amazing, dedicated, and professional men and women in the field. The team at Evolve are focused on addressing the root causes of addiction and have a team of medical staff and clinical therapists who help each individual formulate a personal plan to learn about their addiction and how to maintain long term Sobriety. I know all of this because I personally completed the program at Evolve Indy! The men and women at Evolve helped me to regain control of my life and successfully placed me on the road to Long Term Recovery! I am forever grateful for the program that this amazing facility has in place to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I would highly recommend Evolve Indy as a solution to the problem!
Justyn R.
Evolve Indy is an intensive outpatient care treatment facility for those that wish to recover from their addictions. The team working there was developed and form a unique group of people that have faced issues of Addiction and used programs such as are taught at Evole Indy to change their lives and live in recovery with the unique opportunity to help others find first their sobriety, then their recovery. These lessons come from a first hand personal basis from people that have lived those lives and fully understand the challenges that clients face and how to deal with them to improve their future lives. My heart goes out to the clinicians and staff at Evolve Indy that have helped me to recover from a life of addictions and to live my life now in recovery.
David K.
I don’t even know where to begin. Addiction doesn’t care what family or person it chooses to effect and it’s definitely a long and tough journey not only for the addict but also for the loved ones included. My first call was to Marty and he immediately arranged a force to go and talk to my son. Guided me in the process and made it easy during a rough time in our lives. Tyson took time away to welcome my son to the Evolve house at midnight bc it was the only flight we could get him back due to Covid and he welcomed my son and never once looked upset that it was late and helped him get set up and took time from his personal life to do that for us. Whitney whose a amazing counselor and my son loved her. There is a millions things and examples of what each of them did to help take care of my son through the process but when you walk into Evolve you feel calm, like family and mostly loved. When you meet Joe you just immediately feel his genuineness and his heart for everyone. My son loved him and his choice of music 😂 Mike Reynolds who also was amazing to my son and I can’t thank him enough. But mostly my biggest thanks and appreciation goes to Brian Kendrick. For multiple reasons, when my son left Evolve and was in sober living he still took my son under his wing and treated him like his own. When we went through relapse he contacted each of us on the daily.
Shawna C.
The staff at evolve indy was great they actually cared they gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them.Ive been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing.
Christopher D.
These people truly care!! If I had a loved one struggling, I would pick Evolve in a heartbeat. Quality care with genuine professionals in a luxurious setting.
Jake S.
I know these guys very well. When I look at treatment programs I think: Would I send a family member here? With Evolve Indy, the answer is yes. Keep up the good work guys!
John N.
Individualized & Customized

What Is The ACES Assessment?

The ACES Questionnaire is the Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening. It is a series of questions about childhood trauma. People who have a high ACES score are more likely to become alcoholics and addicts. Without intervention, they are also more likely to develop health and mental health issues like obesity, diabetes, depression, PTSD, heart disease, COPD, and stroke. The ACES is used as an indicator of trauma. What it doesn’t matter is how resilient many people are who have suffered from trauma. Part of the resiliency is asking for help when you need it.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is a mental health condition that can arise as the result of trauma in which you feared for your life or someone else’s life. Symptoms include flashbacks to the event, nightmares, ruminating about the event, intrusive thoughts and memories, having a flight, fight or freeze response in anxiety provoking situations. Many addicts and alcoholics will self medication these symptoms with substances. There is help and relief for PTSD and addiction at Evolve Indy through our Trauma Program.

Sexual Trauma

What if I am a victim of sexual trauma? How can Elevate help?
For some people, there is an immense amount of shame in talking about sexual trauma.
It is not something you discuss at the dinner table. Many women have never talked
about it at all. Evolve provides a safe, judgement free arena to finally talk about what
happened to you. To be validated, to know that you are not alone. To know some cares
about your pain and what you went through and to help you heal.

Don't Let Addiction Win. Start Your Recovery, Now.

Individualized & Customized

Who Is To Blame?

I have talked to hundreds of women who were raped when they were impaired or passed out and they universally blame themselves for putting themselves in that situation. I am here to tell you – you are not to blame. I know you don’t believe me, but I will stay it again, you were not to blame. It doesn’t matter if you were drunk or high or stone cold sober, if you did not want to have sex and someone has sex with your without your consent, it is rape. The responsibility falls solely on the perpetrator. At Evolve Indy, we work through the self-blame and move towards self forgiveness. It’s time.

What Is Relationship Violence?

What is relationship violence?
I have had women tell me that words hurt more than a fist. Any type of abuse within the confines of what is supposed to be a loving relationship is traumatic. Maybe it’s outright physical abuse or something more subtle like gas lighting, it makes you question yourself. The controlling, possessiveness and the constant degradation would make anyone want to be numb to it all. None of this is okay. There is help. You can make it on your own. Call us today at Evolve Indy.

Self Love/Self Forgiveness

It’s time to stop hating yourself. It’s time to stop punishing yourself. Even if you were a
horrible person, don’t you think that years of suffering in your addiction is punishment
enough? It’s time to put down the bottle, needle, or pipe and stop. It’s time to start doing what your gut has been telling you for years, get help. We are here for you. At Evolve Indy, we can lead you down the path of self forgiveness and self love.

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What Is EMDR?

What is EMDR? EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is an evidenced based practice for treating trauma. EMDR first requires stabilization on the part of the patient with techniques taught by the clinician. Once a patient is stable, the clinician will utilize bilateral stimulation in an effort to access the trauma in the right side of the brain (the emotional side) to the processing ability of the left side of the brain (the thinking side). The result is desensitization of the trauma and new more adaptive beliefs about the trauma being formed.

Trauma Therapy For Addiction Treatment In Indiana

Why group therapy for trauma? Why is it important to bond with other women in recovery? Most of the women I work with tell me that they have more male friends than female friends. Many of them are totally isolated in their addiction and have no female friends. There is much comfort and joy in finding a group of women who share your pain. Women who won’t judge you and understand where you are coming from. There is power in women coming together to support each other and heal. There is also power in knowing you are not alone in your trauma. When you are sitting in a room full of women who have all been sexually assaulted or suffered some other trauma and you have compassion for them, you learn to ultimately have compassion for yourself.

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Don't Let Addiction Win. Start Your Recovery, Now.

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